Important Update Regarding Works With Nest Integration

Back in May, Google announced a change to their Nest ecosystem. The Works with Nest program is being discontinued and they are encouraging their users to migrate their Nest accounts to Google accounts. Unfortunately, doing so will permanently sever connections between Nest, Wink, and other 3rd Party Platforms.  

Thanks to an overwhelming response by the user base, Google is still allowing these 3rd Party Integrations to continue after August 31, 2019 if you follow these steps.

You can follow these steps to ensure that Nest products will continue to work with Wink beyond this date.

  • Do not migrate your Nest account to a Google account. Completing a Nest account migration will cause Wink and other Works with Nest integrations to be permanently disconnected. This process is not reversible.

  • Do not disconnect Nest from Wink after August 31st. If you disconnect Nest after this date, you will not be able to reconnect it. This will also affect users that choose not to migrate their Nest accounts to a Google account.

Additional information can be found in this blog post from Nest.

Wink is still dedicated to providing a streamlined home automation experience for our users in a single, unified app. There are times when our partners may make business changes and system updates which can heavily impact our users. Though these changes are often out of our control, we will always try to minimize the disturbance they cause, even if they are often times unavoidable. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and will always notify the Wink community and present alternative options as soon as we have them available. Should you have any further questions about the Works with Nest program and how it will impact your Wink ecosystem, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team. Give us a call at 1-844-Wink-App, or email us using

Nest Camera API Integration Security

As technology has grown to be such an integral part of our everyday lives, the security of our information and property has never been more important. Wink works closely with our partner brands to maintain our users’ security. We understand the importance of transparency in resolving such issues. If our users have any security concerns, we ask that they make an attempt at reasonable disclosure by immediately informing our team of their observations. You can find out more about Wink’s Security Researcher and Reporting Program on our page

On Wednesday, June 19th we received a report regarding our integration with Nest Cameras. A user appeared to have continued access to screenshots in the Wink app even after those cameras had been disconnected from the associated Nest account.

We immediately had our QA team work with several models of ‘Nest Cam’ and ‘Dropcam’ Wi-Fi cameras, as well as all other brands of supported Wi-Fi cameras, to determine if the issue could be reproduced. As our team was not able to reproduce the issue with any supported camera from any manufacturer, and the Wink/Nest integration relies exclusively on the Nest API, we also reached out to Nest and provided them with details of the incident.

As of 6/20/19 Nest had issued an update to all cameras in order to fix the issue. The patch requires no action from Nest or Wink users.

As always, the Wink support team is available to speak with users about any questions or concerns they may have. If you would like to speak with a representative, please reach out to our support center at 1-844-WINKAPP. To learn more about how Wink thinks about security, visit our site:


In the last few months, our teams have been focused on updates that maintain and improve the back end system and Wink Hubs. Our goal has been to ensure that all Hubs and connected devices perform reliably with minimal downtime or interruptions to our users. Moving forward, we will be focused on new integrations, features, and functionality. We are happy to announce today the addition of the following devices that are now compatible with your Wink Hubs.

  • Sylvania RGBW Flexible Outdoor Strip

  • Sylvania RGBW Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Sengled RGBW Element Bulb

  • GE In-Wall Toggle Smart Switch

  • GE In-Wall Toggle Smart Dimmer

  • GE In-Wall Fan Control

  • GE In-Wall Touch Sensing Smart Dimmer

  • GE In-Wall Duplex Receptacle TR

  • GE Plug-In Switch (Single Plug)

  • GE Plug-In Switch (Dual Plug)

  • GE Plug-In Dimmer (Dual Plug)

  • GE Plug-In Dimmer w/USB (Dual Plug, Independent Control w/USB)

  • GE Plug-In Switch w/USB (Dual Plug, Independent Control w/USB)

  • GE Plug-In Outdoor Switch

  • GE Hinge Pin Smart Door Sensor

  • GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor

Additionally, we will be adjusting our customer support hours for the summer. Our live technicians will be available Monday through Friday, from 11am until 9pm Eastern at 1-844-Wink-App. We look forward to this opportunity to better serve your smart home. Please follow @TheWinkApp on Twitter for news and announcements.

Wink Hub 2 Firmware Update

A new Wink Hub 2 firmware is rolling out! Version 4.3.46 will be available for some users starting today. As your Wink Hub 2 system becomes eligible for the update, a banner will appear in the Wink app on the “Hubs” page and when attempting to provision new devices. This new firmware improves the Hub’s capabilities, stability, and ease of use. Our teams will be hard at work building future releases to continue supporting your Wink Hub 2. There will be more updates to share as we move forward.

Version 4.3.46 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issue in which the Hub is not found during set-up and when updating Wi-Fi information

  • Detects and resolves Local Control shutdowns

  • Fixed issue of prematurely reaching the 50 device limit for Lutron support

  • Yale lock control improvements

  • Z-Wave stability improvements

Our support team is available if you need any assistance with the update, or with your devices in general. You can contact us Monday through Saturday from 11am to 9pm Eastern. Call us at 1-844-Wink-App to speak with a live tech. You may also DM our team on Facebook, DM @WinkSupport on Twitter, or send an email to Thank you!

Wink App Android Updates

On 2/19 we released our Android app version with a whole slew of improvements. This afternoon we released app version: Today’s update fixed a bug which inhibited users from denying the location permissions prompt in the app.

Our teams continue working to streamline and improve the Wink experience and the app has been slimming down as well. The Wink app is now only about 60 MB for the initial app installation! We’ll keep making things faster, smaller, smarter, and even better than before.

App version:

  • Bug fixes, such as:

    • Various crash fixes

    • Fixed issue with Chamberlain MyQ by removing Chamberlain MyQ as an option for a robot effect

    • Fixed issue with Philips Hue local group control

    • Fixed issue where users were unable to modify Robots from using a timeframe to using no timeframe

    • Fixed issue where using Ecobee thermostat Robots did not have option to select set-point

  • Changes, such as:

    • Several performance improvements

App version:

  • Bug fixes, such as:

    • Resolved an issue with the Wink app not allowing user to Deny the Location Services prompt.

We would love to hear your feedback. Please update and rate the Wink app today! You can contact our friendly support for questions and troubleshooting. Our team is available at 1-844-946-5277 from 11am-9pm EST, Monday-Saturday. You can also email, or DM @WinkSupport on Twitter.

Wink iOS App Update Available

The newest version is listed below. You can see current release notes on the Wink app page on iTunes.

Version 6.10.1

  • This update fixes an issue where network name (SSID) fields don't auto-populate when connected to WiFi.

Our friendly support team is available Monday-Saturday from 11am-9pm EST. You can reach us directly by calling 1-844-Wink-App (1-844-946-5277). You may also email, or DM @WinkSupport for assistance. Follow us @TheWinkApp for news and announcements. Thank you everyone!

Wink App Android Update Available

Our latest update has some great improvements!


This release includes bug fixes, such as:

  • Fixed issues with how the Wink app interfaces with the Hub on the local network

  • Improvements to Schlage user code management

  • Various app crash fixes

Please rate the Wink app, we’d love to hear your feedback. You can contact our support team at 1-844-946-5277, 11AM - 9PM EST, Monday - Saturday. You can also email, or DM @WinkSupport on Twitter.


Wink has been hard at work with new improvements and we are very excited to announce that there are new app updates available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Please check in your App Store for available updates. We have detailed the variety of fixes implemented for each app version below. We look forward to more updates and announcements in the new year!

Our customer service would be happy to help if you are having any difficulty. We are always interested in your feedback, so we ask that you please rate the Wink app. Thanks everyone for your support!

Apple iOS Version

Please Note: Apple iOS users running iOS 10 or greater will be able to update to the new app version.

• Fixed issue where eco-mode was not a selectable option for Nest automations

• Fixed issue with leaksmart valve UI showing incorrect color for open/closed LED

• Fixed issue with tab bar overlapping on newer versions of iPhones

• Fixed issue with Z-Wave Thermostat robots failing to turn off the thermostat

Android Version 6.9.6

• Fixed issue with not being able to add Lutron Connected Bulb Remote as a trigger

• Fixed display issue with Pivot Power Genius UI

• Fixed issue with being unable to sign to Philips Hue with Google

• Fixed issue with Philips Hue reconnection banner overlapping "Rearrange Lights" button

If you need any assistance, please call us at 1-844-WINK-APP, from 11AM to 9PM EST, Monday through Saturday. You can also email, or DM @WinkSupport on Twitter. Our customer service team would be happy to answer questions, submit new feature and product requests, and work with you to get everything going.


We’re pleased to announce the newest Wink Hub update is now available. This means the Hub to Hub 2 transfer option is now active. If you have a Wink Hub 2 with no devices connected to it, you may now transfer everything over from your original Wink Hub. We know many of you have been waiting for this update for a long time, so we wanted to make sure it was right. Thank you for your patience!

*Please note: We recommend placing your Wink Hub at least 15 feet away from your wireless router before you update to reduce interference.

Once you are up to date, you can go to the Hub 2 page and initiate the transfer by selecting “Yes, Replace Hub”.


We’ve also been working to improve the Z-Wave functionality of the Hub and will continue to make improvements to Z-Wave stability on future updates. If the Wink app shows an update is available for your Hub 2, we suggest you grab it! The update will contain the very same Z-Wave improvements.

Additionally, we have included updates for select Sylvania bulbs and lighting products. Please note that your Sylvania light will go from Off to On to let you know when it's done updating. The firmware update, version 0.0b10 / 2.3b02, applies to the following models:

  • Sylvania A19 Dimmable (Model No. 74696)

  • Sylvania A19 RGBW (Model No. 73693)

  • Sylvania Flush Mount Adjustable White (Model No. 72567)

The firmware update, version 0.0b10 / 2.3b04, applies to the following model:

  • Sylvania PAR38 Dimmable (Model No. 74580)

If you have any issues updating your Wink Hub, give us a call and let our friendly team assist. We're always here to address your questions or concerns, take feature requests, or help with anything along the way. Our real live Wink Support technicians are available at 1-844-WINKAPP, from 11AM to 9PM EST, Monday through Saturday. You can also reach out 24/7 via email ( or on Twitter (@WinkSupport).


We're thrilled to announce our latest firmware release for Wink Hub 2. And you're thrilled too because we've listened to your feedback and concerns.

So what's in this release?

First, we've corrected the issue with Wink and Sonos control integration — they get along great now, keeping your smart home rockin' and rollin' just like before.

Second, we noticed some Yale lock users having issues with Z-Wave stability when adding or changing user codes. We've temporarily removed the code change feature while continuing to make improvements to Z-Wave stability across the board. You can still access your Yale user codes on the lock itself. We'll do our best to reintegrate this feature soon.

Third, this release also includes updates for select Sylvania bulbs and lighting products. Please note: your Sylvania light will go from off to on to let you know when it's done updating.

Finally, we usually release Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2 firmware updates at the same time. But after encountering some bumps in the road surrounding Hub database transfer, we are postponing the Wink Hub firmware release until later this year.

Wink Hub 2 firmware update.jpeg

As always, we're here for your questions, comments, concerns, fave recipes, or anything else you'd like to share. You can talk to a real live Wink Support employee at 1*844*946*5277, from 11 AM to 9 PM EST, Monday through Saturday. You can also reach out 24/7 via email ( or on Twitter (@WinkSupport).

Our new favorite way to use Wink Lookout

The Wink Lookout + Arlo experience just got better!

Last week we rolled out actionable Arlo notifications, giving you the ability to see exactly what’s happening at home without opening the Wink app. You can’t be in two places at once, but this is the next best thing.

lockscreen (2).png

iOS users can now view Arlo camera video clips directly in push notifications, while Android users will see a thumbnail image in their notifications. Both iOS and Android users can watch full Arlo clips within the Wink app.

These actionable push notifications are made for on-the-go updates about your home. Even if you’re at work, you can quickly glance at your phone to see if the motion detected by your Arlo Cam was a package getting dropped off, a neighbor stopping by, or a stranger on your property. If you determine something is suspicious, you have the power to immediately take action. If you recognize the activity, you can quickly “Dismiss Alerts” or “Turn Off Alerts” from your push notification without opening the Wink app.


In total, there are three places to see your Arlo clips within the app: push notifications on iOS, in the Lookout activity feed, and in the camera activity feed.

With Wink Lookout, actionable alerts give you the option to "Take Action" or "Turn Off Alerts." If you tap "Take Action," you’ll have the option to call a contact, dial 911, or dismiss the alert.

Wink currently works with three Arlo models: Arlo Cam, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Q. Wink Lookout stores your Arlo video clips in the Lookout activity feed for 24 hours for quick security alert verification. To view clips after 24 hours, look at your Arlo app activity feed.

activity (1).png

We made this update with the intent to give users visual confirmation of what’s happening at home. Wink Lookout amplifies the power of your Arlo Cam because it gives you the ability to spring into action when needed.

Wink + Arlo provides you with an added layer of security and control when you really need it, minus the long-term contract and monthly fees. If you haven’t already, update the Wink app to version 6.8 to start receiving actionable alerts.

Wink + Sonos is here

Wink + Sonos is now live!

Wink + Sonos has been a top request from our users for quite some time. We’re thrilled to make it a reality while also expanding our ecosystem of partners into new product categories like media and entertainment.

The Wink Hub 2 is compatible with all Sonos products, which include:

Wink’s seamless discovery process makes adding Sonos to your smart home incredibly simple. Just connect your Sonos system to Wink within our mobile app and start introducing your favorite Sonos playlists to your smart home automations. Make sure your Wink Hub 2 and Sonos system are on the same network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). 

If you a have a motion sensor on your front door, try setting up a Wink Robot that automatically starts playing your favorite playlist on Sonos as soon as you walk in the door. Here’s another idea: create a Wink Shortcut that helps you wind down after a long day. With one tap in the Wink app, Wink will dim your lights, adjust the temperature, and now, play soft, relaxing music throughout your home.

So how will you use Wink + Sonos? Let us know in the comments!

Wink Lookout is the smart start to a secure home

Your home should feel secure whether you’re there or not. That’s why we've created Wink Lookout.

Lookout is our collection of smart security essentials, and a comprehensive way to know what’s happening at home for only $199. It includes a Wink Hub 2, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, and a siren & chime. 

This starter kit also includes a new in-app service called Lookout. It’s a free service that works with both the Wink Lookout kit and other Wink-compatible security products, such as additional sensors, garage doors, and cameras. 

Use Lookout in the app to monitor what’s happening at home when you’re away and quickly take action if needed.

Lookout hardware

Meet our newest hardware, three Wink-branded security products:

  • Wink Door/Window Sensor (x2) - Discreetly keep track of your home’s windows and doors and receive alerts when they open or close. 
  • Wink Motion Sensor - Easily mount or place around your home for motion alerts. 
  • Wink Siren & Chime - If your sensors detect activity, sound the siren or chime and flash the built-in light to notify the household. It offers ten different sounds with adjustable volume and duration.

Lookout in-app service

Lookout’s in-app service helps you keep an eye on home activity when you’re away. Receive real-time alerts about doors, windows, locks, garage doors, motion, and more.

Lookout products use the latest wireless technology to securely communicate with your Wink Hub and send you alerts when activity is detected. Check sensor status in the Wink app when you're away and see recent alerts in the Lookout dashboard.

If you do receive an alert from Lookout, you have the option to sound your Wink siren, tap to call 911, or call a contact.


Using Lookout

Here are some of our favorite ways to use Lookout:

  • Get notified when the dog walker enters and exits your house, so you know exactly what time your pet was given attention.
  • Get alerts when there is unexpected motion in your home while you're away on vacation. Tap to call 911 if you are concerned about suspicious activity.
  • When you're at work, get notified when your kids come home from school and enter the house, and easily contact them to check in.

Our goal in creating Lookout is to give you an actionable, confident way to protect your home from anywhere. Setting up Lookout is as easy as unboxing and powering on your sensors. And it’s even easier to use. 


Wink now works with Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-controlled assistant

With Wink + Cortana, you can command your lights, outlets, switches, and thermostats from anywhere using your Windows PC, Cortana on Android and iOS, and other Cortana devices like the Harman Kardon Invoke

What can I do with Wink + Cortana?

With a simple voice command, Cortana can dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and more. Here are a few examples:

Lighting Products (bulbs, dimmers, switches, outlets):


Hey Cortana,

"Turn on the hallway light"
"Turn off the porch light"
"Set the dining room lamp to 50 percent"
"Brighten the kitchen light to 100 percent"
"Turn on the lights in the kitchen.”


Hey Cortana,

"Turn on the coffee maker."
“Turn off the bedroom fan.”


Hey Cortana,

"Set the bedroom thermostat to 70 degrees"
"Turn up the temperature by 3 degrees"
"Turn off the kitchen thermostat"

Cortana can control groups of products if they all share the same name. For example, naming your lights “Kitchen light sink” and “Kitchen light counter” allows you to control all the lights together by saying “Turn on kitchen lights”. 

Keep an eye on the blog for more ways to use Wink with your favorite voice assistant.


Meet the 13 new products that now work with Wink!

The list of products that work with Wink continues to increase! Today we’re welcoming a number of best-in-class products in lighting, security, and utilities. Here’s the full list:


Safety and Security

Utilities and Climate

Safety and Security

Our mission has always been to bring the products you love together in one app and we hope you enjoy officially connecting these products into your Wink smart home!


Check out the newest products that now work with Wink!

Works With Wink continues to grow! Over the past few weeks, we’ve added a slew of new products to Wink, continuing our commitment to bring the best products from top brands together in a unified experience. Check out what now Works With Wink below and how they can make your home safer and more secure. 


The possibilities with smart lighting products are endless. From making your home look lived in when you are away, brightening a dark home upon arrival, or turning off appliances you may have forgotten about; connected light bulbs, plugs, and switches are the gateway to the smart home. Here are the new products that now work with Wink:

Safety and Security:

Your home can never be too secure, and now with additional sensors and detectors, you are always in the know if things at home go awry:

Let’s not forget the Dome leak detector and shut off valve, two great products that ensure water leaks and flooding woes remain things of the past:

Utilities and Climate:

Smart thermostats can be adjusted from a mobile app wherever you are and learn your temperature preferences over time, saving you money. The newest thermostat joining the Wink ecosystem can even be changed with a simple voice command!

Let us know in the comments which product you're most excited about adding to your Wink system!

Introducing a New Approach to Home Safety

Today we're excited to unveil new experiences that blend hardware and software in a friendly, non-intimidating way to elevate people's feeling of safety and security in their home.

Meet Wink Bright, Home Sitter, and Moonlight.

Wink Bright

Wink Bright is the smart essentials lighting kit and a perfect gateway into the smart home for people who are considering it, but not sure where to begin. Wink Bright includes one Wink Hub 2 and two SYLVANIA Smart A19 Dimmable light bulbs.

Furthering Wink's commitment to simplifying smart home setup, Wink Bright arrives pre-paired, meaning the SYLVANIA bulbs are already connected to Wink Hub 2.

Simply plug in and connect Wink Hub 2 to your router, twist in and turn on the light bulbs, and download the Wink app. Once you've created an account, Wink will recognize the products within Wink Bright, guide you through a few simple steps, and then you're ready to go. 

Wink Bright is the perfect complement to two new free services we're excited to introduce within the Wink app: Home Sitter and Moonlight. 

New Wink App Services

We recently conducted in-home studies and learned that people view light as intrinsic to their feeling of security and safety. The most cited use cases? Lights being used as a deterrent (to make it look like someone is home) and for outdoor security (to ward off intruders or animals).

We created Home Sitter and Moonlight with those learnings in mind.

Home Sitter

Remember that scene from Home Alone where Kevin tricks Harry and Marv into thinking everyone is home, courtesy of lights, stereo turntables, mannequin manipulations, and a cut-out of Michael Jordan moving around on a toy train?

Home Sitter accomplishes the same goal with just a few taps in the Wink app. It makes it look like someone is home when you're away by turning your smart lights on and off in a way that mimics natural, human patterns.

Confirm your home location, the lights you'd like Home Sitter to control, and breathe easy the next time you're away from home for an extended period of time. Wink ensures the cadence never looks forced (your lights won't turn on during broad daylight or at 4:00am when you'd expect everyone to be asleep).


Moonlight ensures you always return to a well-lit, inviting home by turning your smart lights on and off at predetermined times. Select the smart lights you want Moonlight to control - whether it's outdoor lights or indoor lights near your home's entryway - and Wink will take it from there. 

Moonlight defaults to the sunrise and sunset times in your local area. You can also have Moonlight jump into action between sunset and midnight or sunset and 2:00am.

Where is this available?

Wink Bright has an MSRP of $119 (U.S.) and is available for pre-order starting today on,, and Orders will begin to be fulfilled in one to two weeks.

Both Home Sitter and Moonlight can be found in a new Services menu within the Lights & Power section of the Wink app (make sure you update to version 6.0 if your Wink app doesn't auto-update).

They're a great way to amplify how you can use Wink Bright, but can also be used with any Wink-compatible lighting product, including light bulbs, dimmers, outlets, and switches.

A little light goes a long way

In Wink's Smart Home Index - a national data report focused on smart home behavior - we found that of the Americans that have purchased a connected product, 44% did so to keep their home safe.

We see a lot of opportunity to elevate people's feeling of home safety by creating experiences that blend hardware and software together in a friendly and non-intimidating way.

Light is a natural place to start and we'll be upping the ante later this year. Stay tuned!

Wink expands support for Lutron Caséta Wireless products

Yesterday we pushed the latest version (5.7) of the Wink mobile app live and with it, added a whole bunch of new Lutron products to the Wink ecosystem! 

Wink Hub 2 now supports the full line of Lutron Caséta Wireless switches and dimmers. In addition, both the Wink Hub and Wink Hub 2 now support the two-button (PJ2-2B) remote.

With Wink + Lutron, you can easily set the lighting to match your mood or turn off lights left on from afar using the Wink app.

In fact, that same ease of use provides the perfect solution to two interesting discoveries uncovered in our new Smart Home Index (which explores smart home consumer behavior patterns nationwide):

  • Nearly three quarters (71%) of Americans wish they could monitor their home when they’re away.
  • 51% of Americans have forgotten to turn off a light before leaving home in the past six months.
  • If you’re interested in adding a Lutron product to your home, here’s the complete list of Wink-compatible models:

Wink Hub

  • In-Wall Dimmer (PD-6WCL)
  • Plug-in Dimmer (PD-3PCL)
  • 2 Button Remote (PJ2-2B)
  • 3 Button Remote with Raise/Lower (PJ2-3BRL)

Wink Hub 2

  • In-Wall Dimmer (PD-6WCL)
  • Plug-in Dimmer (PD-3PCL)
  • 2 Button Remote (PJ2-2B)
  • 3 Button Remote with Raise/Lower (PJ2-3BRL)
  • In-Wall Dimmer PRO (PD-10NXD)
  • In-Wall ELV + Dimmer (PD-5NE)
  • In-Wall Neutral Switch (PD-6ANS)
  • In-Wall Switch PRO (PD-5WS-DV)

Wink Smart Home Index: 71% of Americans wish they could monitor their home

We know that consumers are adopting connected products at a rapid rate, with analyst firm Gartner recently forecasting that 20.4 billion will be in use by 2020.

What we wanted to dive deeper on: why? Who is buying smart products and for what reasons? What do people wish their home could do but can’t currently? What is stopping more people from making their home smart? 

Introducing Wink’s Smart Home Index.

We worked with the team at Harris Poll to survey 2,177 adults nationwide to get the answers to these questions. The full report - including the unexpected consumer behavior patterns we discovered - can be found here. The following are a few of the nuggets we uncovered:


Ever rush out of the house and get halfway to work or the airport only to question whether or not you locked the front door, closed the garage door, or turned off the lights? If so, you’re certainly not alone.

57% of Americans - that’s over 141 million - have forgotten to do a routine household task after leaving home in the last 6 months. 

While forgetting to turn off a light isn’t a worst case scenario, leaving your door unlocked can yield very real - and serious - consequences. Wink gives you the power to take care of your home and the people in it no matter where you are.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.17.21 PM.png


We also found that nearly three quarters of Americans (71%) wish they could monitor their home when they’re away. 

The rise in popularity of smart cameras like Canary and sensors like GoControl are proof positive that people want to stay connected to what’s happening back at the ranch.  


A big misconception people have about the smart home is that it only makes sense if you own.

Tyler and Julia Waneka from San Francisco disagree. Longtime Wink users (and renters), they recently turned their new home into the landlord-friendly smart apartment of their dreams

We asked renters what they thought about the smart home, and found 36% would pay more in rent to have smart products included as amenities in their home. 

How much more? 5% annually. If you’re paying the median price for a one bedroom in Boston, that comes out to $1,680 more in rent per year.  


Another common misconception about the smart home is that it is exorbitantly expensive.

Do you know what else you can buy for $20,000? One Honda Civic, 55 iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners, or 5,479 grande lattes at Starbucks.

People think they have to spend a small fortune on dozens of products to fully reap the benefits of a smart home, but that’s not true. In fact, the average Wink user starts out with about 4 products, totaling approximately $175-200.

Our first and foremost tip to anyone interested in making their home smart is this: pick the smart products - whether that’s a few or a bunch - from the brands you trust and that make the most sense for your lifestyle and dwelling. 

As Tyler Waneka told Curbed last month: ‘You just kind of get one thing at a time and then it starts making sense how you can wire them up...and make them play together.’

For more information on the Smart Home Index, email 

Wink Now Works With the Google Assistant on Google Home

In December, Google announced it was updating its Weave platform to make it easier for connected devices and platforms – Wink included – to work with services like the Google Assistant. 

Starting today, we’re excited to announce Wink-compatible lighting products (light bulbs, switches, dimmers, and outlets) and thermostats can now be controlled with the Google Assistant on Google Home!

If you’re not familiar, Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. A quick voice command triggers the Google Assistant on Google Home to help you get answers, enjoy music, manage your everyday tasks and now, control your Wink-compatible lighting products and thermostats, just start by saying, “Ok Google."

Connecting Wink with Google Home is easy: 

  1. Add your Google Home device to your Google Home app (available for free download from Google Play and the iTunes Store).
  2. Tap the menu button on the upper left corner of the main page of your Google Home app.
  3. Tap “Home Control.”
  4. Tap the “+” button in the lower right corner.
  5. Select “Wink.”
  6. Enter the email and password associated with your Wink account.

That’s it! From there, you can turn both individual and groups of lights on / off or dim them to your desired brightness. For example, just say Ok Google, turn Downstairs on or Ok Google, set Hallway Light to 50 percent and you’re in business. It’s as simple as that.

Changing the temperature is just as easy. Say Ok Google, set Bedroom thermostat to 70 degrees or Ok Google, turn up the temperature by 5 degrees and your wish becomes Google Home’s command.

We’re big fans of voice control. Wink was the first smart home platform to work with voice assistants because we recognized how perfectly voice complements other interfaces like wearables and mobile phones when it comes to controlling your connected devices. 

The Google Assistant on Google Home’s powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities extend the possibilities for voice control into new arenas. We’re thrilled to bring that to Wink.