Introducing Wink Hub 2

In 2014, Wink set out to make the smart home simple, intuitive, and accessible. 

A big part of turning that mission into reality was the Wink Hub.

By including support for all major smart home device protocols, we gave consumers the flexibility to choose the products they like from the brands they trust. Our users have connected over 1.7 million products to Wink as a result. It also allowed us to be inclusive in our partnerships. If a product adds meaningful value for Wink users, we'll look for ways to bring it aboard regardless of the manufacturer. Today, there are 31 companies that work with Wink. 

We're proud of what the Wink Hub has enabled us to accomplish, but it was just the beginning.

Meet Wink Hub 2

Since the launch of the original Hub, we've listened carefully to your feedback, comments, and questions to see if we could improve. We've done a ton of research to make our setup process easier,  and to find out how families and individuals are using Wink. We've taken that feedback to heart and created a next generation smart home hub that's unlike any other. Better, faster, more reliable, and more secure, Wink Hub 2 unlocks the magic of the smart home, today.

  • Improved connectivity: A new Wi-Fi radio that supports both 2.4 and 5GHz networks and the introduction of an Ethernet port provide a more reliable and smooth network connection.
  • Industry leading device support: We've improved the Bluetooth LE radio in Wink Hub 2 and introduced a Thread-capable radio. That, along with support for Kidde, Lutron Clear Connect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and ZigBee means Wink Hub 2 works with more smart home technologies than any other.
  • Local control for Schedules and Robots: With a faster processor and 8x more memory, Wink Hub 2 runs advanced automations like Schedules (which prompt certain actions to take place at certain times of the day) and Robots (through which one product can trigger a series of actions in other products) locally for increased speed and reliability. 
  • Enhanced security: New hardware features - including cryptographic verification - have been added to prevent tampering, and ensure Wink Hub 2 only runs trusted software. 
  • Refined design: 25% slimmer, Wink Hub 2 sports a sleeker look and more elegant finish. We wanted it to be worthy of being featured prominently in the home, instead of gathering dust in a cabinet next to your router. The vertical design also ensures Wink Hub 2 communicates with your smart products smoothly.

Check out more about Wink Hub on our website here.

Wink app 5.0 to bring major software upgrades

Version 5.0 of the Wink software - soon to be released - introduces a number of industry-firsts to the Wink mobile app.

  • Easier setup: The Wink app will auto-discover your Wink Hub 2 when you plug it in for the first time and prompt you to connect it to your account. The already intuitive setup process has been drastically simplified to be even faster and easier.
  • Hub-to-hub transfer process: We've built a brand new infrastructure that will allow current Wink Hub owners to transfer over their smart products, automations, and personal settings to Wink Hub 2. It all occurs effortlessly within the Wink app in a matter of minutes.

Where can I buy Wink Hub 2?

We're really excited to announce that Wink Hub 2 will be coming to Walmart as Wink strives to bring our vision of an accessible smart home to millions of consumers in new markets.

Wink Hub 2 has an MSRP of $99 (U.S.) and will be available in late October at The Home Depot, select Walmart stores and on,, and The Wink mobile app is available for free download through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What if I already own a Wink Hub?

Rest assured that we will continue to support the original Wink Hub just as we always have, with new features and partner product integrations coming soon. We're not switching it off, nor is our commitment to it changing in any way.

The original Wink Hub is still available for purchase for $69 (U.S.) while supplies last at The Home Depot,, and 

Bringing the smart home to everyone, everywhere

We believe the smart home should, and can, make life safer, more seamless, and a little bit easier.

Whether that's making sure the doors are locked, garage shut, and temperature adjusted when you're ready for bed, triggering the hallway lights if smoke is detected, or simply being able to shut off an appliance from afar, we've got your back.

Wink Hub 2 takes the smart home to the next level and we can't wait for you to experience it. Stay tuned!