Save Water and Money This Summer With Smart Sprinkler Systems

Scorching sun and sizzling summer temperatures can do a number on your yard, requiring more and more water to keep the grass and gardens lush. The EPA estimates that water usage on outdoor landscaping is two to four times higher during summer, yet over half of that water is wasted due to evaporation, wind, or overwatering! 

That increase in usage - combined with the summer price hikes many communities implement to balance decreased precipitation levels - can have a huge impact on your watering bill. 

Luckily, smart sprinkler systems like the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation models from Rachio, are a great way to conserve water and save money because they can be completely customized to your landscaping and local weather patterns:

  • Create watering zones: No two parts of any yard are the same. How you water should reflect that. Rachio lets you section off your lawn into zones based on soil and plant type, so the vegetable garden, roses, and grass get the individualized attention they need
  • Let Mother Nature take over: You can sync Rachio with your local weather station so it knows when to water, and when an upcoming storm system will do the job for it.
  • Check what’s happening from afar: Connect your Rachio with the Wink app and you can easily manage, monitor, and adjust your sprinkling schedule remotely.

Monitor savings: Rachio helps you save up to 50% on your outdoor watering bill, and logs your watering history so you can track usage.

Rachio has even teamed up with local water authorities to provide rebates if you live in qualifying communities. Check out if you’re eligible here.

Conserving water, time, and money has never been so easy. Pick up a smart sprinkler system from Rachio today for peace of mind that your outdoor landscape will look its best all summer long without breaking the bank or tapping the well dry.