Important Update Regarding Works With Nest Integration

Back in May, Google announced a change to their Nest ecosystem. The Works with Nest program is being discontinued and they are encouraging their users to migrate their Nest accounts to Google accounts. Unfortunately, doing so will permanently sever connections between Nest, Wink, and other 3rd Party Platforms.  

Thanks to an overwhelming response by the user base, Google is still allowing these 3rd Party Integrations to continue after August 31, 2019 if you follow these steps.

You can follow these steps to ensure that Nest products will continue to work with Wink beyond this date.

  • Do not migrate your Nest account to a Google account. Completing a Nest account migration will cause Wink and other Works with Nest integrations to be permanently disconnected. This process is not reversible.

  • Do not disconnect Nest from Wink after August 31st. If you disconnect Nest after this date, you will not be able to reconnect it. This will also affect users that choose not to migrate their Nest accounts to a Google account.

Additional information can be found in this blog post from Nest.

Wink is still dedicated to providing a streamlined home automation experience for our users in a single, unified app. There are times when our partners may make business changes and system updates which can heavily impact our users. Though these changes are often out of our control, we will always try to minimize the disturbance they cause, even if they are often times unavoidable. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and will always notify the Wink community and present alternative options as soon as we have them available. Should you have any further questions about the Works with Nest program and how it will impact your Wink ecosystem, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team. Give us a call at 1-844-Wink-App, or email us using

Nest Camera API Integration Security

As technology has grown to be such an integral part of our everyday lives, the security of our information and property has never been more important. Wink works closely with our partner brands to maintain our users’ security. We understand the importance of transparency in resolving such issues. If our users have any security concerns, we ask that they make an attempt at reasonable disclosure by immediately informing our team of their observations. You can find out more about Wink’s Security Researcher and Reporting Program on our page

On Wednesday, June 19th we received a report regarding our integration with Nest Cameras. A user appeared to have continued access to screenshots in the Wink app even after those cameras had been disconnected from the associated Nest account.

We immediately had our QA team work with several models of ‘Nest Cam’ and ‘Dropcam’ Wi-Fi cameras, as well as all other brands of supported Wi-Fi cameras, to determine if the issue could be reproduced. As our team was not able to reproduce the issue with any supported camera from any manufacturer, and the Wink/Nest integration relies exclusively on the Nest API, we also reached out to Nest and provided them with details of the incident.

As of 6/20/19 Nest had issued an update to all cameras in order to fix the issue. The patch requires no action from Nest or Wink users.

As always, the Wink support team is available to speak with users about any questions or concerns they may have. If you would like to speak with a representative, please reach out to our support center at 1-844-WINKAPP. To learn more about how Wink thinks about security, visit our site:


In the last few months, our teams have been focused on updates that maintain and improve the back end system and Wink Hubs. Our goal has been to ensure that all Hubs and connected devices perform reliably with minimal downtime or interruptions to our users. Moving forward, we will be focused on new integrations, features, and functionality. We are happy to announce today the addition of the following devices that are now compatible with your Wink Hubs.

  • Sylvania RGBW Flexible Outdoor Strip

  • Sylvania RGBW Under Cabinet Lighting

  • Sengled RGBW Element Bulb

  • GE In-Wall Toggle Smart Switch

  • GE In-Wall Toggle Smart Dimmer

  • GE In-Wall Fan Control

  • GE In-Wall Touch Sensing Smart Dimmer

  • GE In-Wall Duplex Receptacle TR

  • GE Plug-In Switch (Single Plug)

  • GE Plug-In Switch (Dual Plug)

  • GE Plug-In Dimmer (Dual Plug)

  • GE Plug-In Dimmer w/USB (Dual Plug, Independent Control w/USB)

  • GE Plug-In Switch w/USB (Dual Plug, Independent Control w/USB)

  • GE Plug-In Outdoor Switch

  • GE Hinge Pin Smart Door Sensor

  • GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor

Additionally, we will be adjusting our customer support hours for the summer. Our live technicians will be available Monday through Friday, from 11am until 9pm Eastern at 1-844-Wink-App. We look forward to this opportunity to better serve your smart home. Please follow @TheWinkApp on Twitter for news and announcements.

Wink App Android Updates

On 2/19 we released our Android app version with a whole slew of improvements. This afternoon we released app version: Today’s update fixed a bug which inhibited users from denying the location permissions prompt in the app.

Our teams continue working to streamline and improve the Wink experience and the app has been slimming down as well. The Wink app is now only about 60 MB for the initial app installation! We’ll keep making things faster, smaller, smarter, and even better than before.

App version:

  • Bug fixes, such as:

    • Various crash fixes

    • Fixed issue with Chamberlain MyQ by removing Chamberlain MyQ as an option for a robot effect

    • Fixed issue with Philips Hue local group control

    • Fixed issue where users were unable to modify Robots from using a timeframe to using no timeframe

    • Fixed issue where using Ecobee thermostat Robots did not have option to select set-point

  • Changes, such as:

    • Several performance improvements

App version:

  • Bug fixes, such as:

    • Resolved an issue with the Wink app not allowing user to Deny the Location Services prompt.

We would love to hear your feedback. Please update and rate the Wink app today! You can contact our friendly support for questions and troubleshooting. Our team is available at 1-844-946-5277 from 11am-9pm EST, Monday-Saturday. You can also email, or DM @WinkSupport on Twitter.

Wink App Android Update Available

Our latest update has some great improvements!


This release includes bug fixes, such as:

  • Fixed issues with how the Wink app interfaces with the Hub on the local network

  • Improvements to Schlage user code management

  • Various app crash fixes

Please rate the Wink app, we’d love to hear your feedback. You can contact our support team at 1-844-946-5277, 11AM - 9PM EST, Monday - Saturday. You can also email, or DM @WinkSupport on Twitter.

Introducing the Wink blog

Wink’s mission is to make the smart home accessible. Whether it’s improving how users interact with our app or partnering with trusted brands to bring their products onto the Wink platform, that mission is the underlying driver behind everything we do.

Where it all started.

Where it all started.

Since our launch last July, we’ve experienced some amazing highs: We tripled the number of partner devices compatible with Wink, brought the Wink HUB to nearly 3,000 retail stores, and began adding a new Wink home every 60-90 seconds.

But, we’ve also seen some lows: The service disruption we experienced in April was proof positive that any company can make an error that impacts the people who rely on it.

No matter how high the highs or low the lows, we pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty when communicating with our customers, partners, and the industry.

With that in mind, we realize there is a growing need for an outlet to share what’s going on at Wink while helping people navigate the smart home.

And so today, we’re thrilled to introduce the Wink blog! We’re just getting started, but here’s what you can expect to see from us here:

  • The latest Wink product news and partnership announcements
  • Our take on topics currently bubbling up in the industry
  • Content that demystifies some of the common misconceptions or confusion surrounding the smart home
  • Tips and tricks to maximize the value of your smart home
  • Spotlights on the real people using Wink each and every day

We hope this will be a valuable resource for you, and we are excited to see it grow and evolve. Please check it out and let us know what you think!