Nest Camera API Integration Security

As technology has grown to be such an integral part of our everyday lives, the security of our information and property has never been more important. Wink works closely with our partner brands to maintain our users’ security. We understand the importance of transparency in resolving such issues. If our users have any security concerns, we ask that they make an attempt at reasonable disclosure by immediately informing our team of their observations. You can find out more about Wink’s Security Researcher and Reporting Program on our page

On Wednesday, June 19th we received a report regarding our integration with Nest Cameras. A user appeared to have continued access to screenshots in the Wink app even after those cameras had been disconnected from the associated Nest account.

We immediately had our QA team work with several models of ‘Nest Cam’ and ‘Dropcam’ Wi-Fi cameras, as well as all other brands of supported Wi-Fi cameras, to determine if the issue could be reproduced. As our team was not able to reproduce the issue with any supported camera from any manufacturer, and the Wink/Nest integration relies exclusively on the Nest API, we also reached out to Nest and provided them with details of the incident.

As of 6/20/19 Nest had issued an update to all cameras in order to fix the issue. The patch requires no action from Nest or Wink users.

As always, the Wink support team is available to speak with users about any questions or concerns they may have. If you would like to speak with a representative, please reach out to our support center at 1-844-WINKAPP. To learn more about how Wink thinks about security, visit our site: